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for more information about this product, including operating instructions, FAQs and so on please visit our Online Catalogue
For more information about this product, including operating instructions, FAQs etc.



Compatible with iPad 1, 2, and 3 only (30pin models)

(with cabled plug to prevent socket damage)




With the introduction of the iPad 3's super-high-resolution Retina Display and all the newly available media apps for iOS, editing photos and videos on the go is becoming more practical.

Specifically tailored for all 30-pin versions of the iPad (1, 2 and 3), BlooBugg's iHub Multi-Device Connection Kit allows you to transfer files from your external devices to your iPad without the need for a computer AND connect to a whole host of 3rd party devices.

The BB3100 iHub supports several types of memory cards and through the USB port you can connect to a wide range of devices (depending on device specific compatibility*) such as cameras, USB flash drives, iPhones, MP4/MP5 players and most USB keyboards.

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Its proved most invaluable to both professional and amateur photographers alike as it enables direct connection to cameras and memory cards for immediate access thereby removing the mundane and time consuming process of having to connect to a PC/Mac/laptop. Once your respective card/drive is plugged in, the Photos app will launch immediately. Tap to select the photos you want to transfer, or tap Import at the bottom and select Import All. The imported photos will appear in the Albums tab in a new folder. You'll then have the option to delete the photos from the card, which is useful if you're traveling and need to clear up some storage space and within seconds you can edit them on your iPad, share them on Facebook, or even upload them to your Dropbox or other cloud storage service.

It doesn't stop there though; like its name implies, the iHub will also allow you to use other USB-compatible devices with your iPad such as external drives and compatible devices such as phones and keyboards. Because many of these devices draw power from the iPad, only some will work as the power output of the 30-pin socket has been limited; however its definitely worth enquiring with us if you have any questions as many devices have been tested to work well. (flash drives with bundled software and built-in lights now tend to draw too much power since the updating of IOS)

So far, we've had feedback that the iHub has been brilliantly useful for people using

  • MIDI gear such as digital keyboards, drum sets, and synthesizers (for using an app like GarageBand,
  • USB microphones (to allow for higher-quality audio),
  • Desktop keyboards (much more comfortable than those cramped iPad keyboards! Just ignore the popup message.)
  • Card readers,
  • Your iPhone or Android phone (often with limitations but as long as files are in a folder titled DCIM people have had success)


IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE - Due to limitations imported by IOS, not all accessories and 3rd party devices will work, so if you have any doubts or pre/post sales questions please get in touch.  For use with drives and cards for access to photos and videos it is important to follow the specific requirements of the iPad. These are restrictions entirely imposed by the software and ALL hardware including the iHub and Apple's own accessories have to comply with this - Please see 'More Information' for further details.



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